Swemac Vision retails Lite Techs products in Scandinavia.

Lite Tech, Inc. was established in 1992 acquiring the patented Xenolite lightweight x-ray protection business and technology from DuPont (Canada). Xenolite and Xenolite Lead Free are now the most recognized and tested lightweight x-ray protection products in the world.

Quality audits are done annually by SGS to comply with European CE - label standards. The Xenolite and XenoliteLead Free products conform to the stringent world standard IEC 61331-1 (both 80 kV & 100 kV). They remain the lightest-weight x-ray aprons in the world offering full protection (mm Pb) even when subjected to more penetrating filtered beams at high kV's.

Watch Xenolite Informational video:

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Sales of Xenolite

  • Lars Granath
    Phone +46 (0) 708 15 16 37
    E-mail lars.granath[at]swemac.com
  • Martin Sjögren
    Phone +46 (0)709 15 16 95
    E-mail martin.sjogren[at]swemac.com

NEWS from SwemacGarment rack from Swemac

The new rack from Swemac comes in several different sizes and capacity. It is available both as a mobile and a fixed version.

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For more information. Please contact Lars Granath.

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