The accurate adjustments of the OrthoScan Mini C‑Arm (Mini C-båge) allow the operator to use less fluoro time (less dose) and accurately view anatomy. Large and detailed images. Intuitive and easy to use. Small and lightweight.

OrthoScan has a simple interface that allows the user to perform basic imaging with little, if any, preparation. The custom keyboard allows single key access to most functions. The features are accessible, intuitive, and – for the most part – automatic.

Products from Orthoscan

  • NEW! OrthoScan FD Pulse
    The only Mini C-arm with pulsed Flouroscopy. With all the advantages of the OrthoScan HD together with a lower dose rate makes the new OrthoScan FD Pulse a clear favorite on the market.
  • OrthoScan HD
    The OrthoScan HD with Flat Detector is the new standard in mini c-arm imaging. Fine details of relevant anatomy are visible due to the increased gray scale and contrast capability of flat detector technology.
  • OrthoScan FD-OR
    The OrthoScan FD-OR is a new concept from Orthoscan and its predecessor Orthoscan FD – with an increased range of motion and with a clear control panel on both sides of the X-ray tank.
  • OrthoScan Mobile DI
    The portability of OrthoScan Mobile DI offers ease of movement between patient rooms, satellite clinics, urgent care centers, emergency departments, athletic team venues, and military units. Weighing approximately 35 pounds, OrthoScan Mobile DI introduces versatility to orthopaedic imaging.

Mini C-båge med digital detektorswe flag

– för operations- och akutmottagningar.

OrthoScan Mini C-båge från Swemac har en stor bildskärm med detaljrika bilder utan skärpefall. Den är kompakt, låg vikt, intuitiv, lättanvänd och ergonomisk samt ett stort bågdjup.

Sales of Orthoscan and Xenolite

  • Lars Granath
    Phone +46 (0) 708 15 16 37
    E-mail lars.granath[at]
  • Martin Sjögren
    Phone +46 (0)709 15 16 95
    E-mail martin.sjogren[at]

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