EOS is a revolutionary X-ray imaging system that provides outstanding musculoskeletal imaging.

It’s the change you’ve been waiting for – a single solution to your spine and long length imaging needs that helps you deliver the care that every patient deserves. The patient stands or sits in the imager and a vertical drive mechanism moves a C-arm down the entire height of the patient, or any desired subset of this length.

EOS®captures whole body images of a standing patient in a single scan without any stitching or vertical distortion. Frontal and Lateral digital images of any length may be obtained simultaneously, with an outstanding image quality.

Products from EOS Imaging

  • EOS®
    With EOS, radiologists and orthopedists can now for the first time, have a full view of their patient’s skeleton: life-size, naturally weight-bearing, in 3D, from all angles. All this with a reduction of radiation exposure. All this with a fast workflow. All this thanks to a Nobel-Prize invention.
  • SterEOS®
    For decades, radiologists, orthopaedic surgeons and rheumatologists have relied on a set of X-ray images to fully assess a patient’s osteoarticular condition. AP and LAT views have been used to help physicians imagine what a 3D skeletal image would look like.

Featured video: http://www.nationalhealthchannel.tv/videos/eos-imaging

EOS imaging

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