We like to think about ourselves as the surgeon´s mate, or if you want, as the doctor´s pal. We strive to make surgeons everyday work a little easier. With The Doxpal we feel that we have achieved this, The Doxpal is a product made by surgeons for surgeons.Doxpal is self-retaining single-use retractors making surgical access easy.

The Doxpal retractor was developed by Doxpal AB and is based on a patent by Dr. Olof Risto, Orthopaedic Department, University Hospital Linköping, Sweden, and Dr. Stefan Lind, Orthopaedic Department, County Hospital Ryhov, Jönköping, Sweden.

Always available

The Doxpal single-use retractors are delivered sterile, ready for immediate use.

  • No time-consuming cleaning process.
  • No risk of shortage of necessary retractors in the sterile storage.
  • Guaranteed free of tissue residue, dirt, toxins or contagious resistant viruses or bacteria.

The weight of a Doxpal retractor is only ten percent of the weight of a metal retractor, which minimizes the risk of the retractor falling out or sagging during surgery. This feature is especially important when using a lateral approach in the lower extremity.

Doxpal models

  • Doxpal Single
    Suitable for minor operations in all surgical fields. Its dimensions are; length 110 mm, depth 14 mm. Maximum force: 7 N
  • Doxpal Double
    Suitable for midsize operations e.g. wrist, elbow and lower limb surgery. Its dimensions are; length 125 mm, depth 18 mm. Maximum force: 17 N
  • Doxpal Triple
    Suitable for midsize/major operations e.g. shoulder, femur and lower limb surgery. Its dimensions; length 155 mm, depth 27 mm. Maximum force: 37 N
  • Doxpal Hip/Spine
    Suitable for major operations e.g. hip surgery. Its dimensions are; length 160 mm, depth 35 mm. Maximum force: 36 N


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Doxpal FAQ

  • Are The Doxpal easy to use?
    They are extremely easy to use and only need a few seconds instruction.
  • Are there any risks with these retractors?
    The risk of any harmful pressure on the tissue is minimal as the instrument self-regulates the tension.
  • Can Doxpal be identified using an X-ray if you lose them in the wound?
    Doxpal appears as a grey shadow and can therefore be identified.
  • How are they packaged and how long are they sterile from their date of packaging?
    Each Doxpal is sterile-packaged in double peel-up bags and ETO-sterilized, remaining sterilized for 5 years.
  • Patent and trademark?
    Owned by Dr. Lind and Dr. Risto.
  • Who developed the Doxpal?
    Dr. Stefan Lind Orthopaedic Department, County Hospital Ryhov, Jonkoping, Sweden Dr. Olof Risto Orthopaedic Department, University Hospital, Linkoping, Sweden .
  • Why should you use Doxpal instead of other retractors?
    It frees up the surgeon to focus on other more important tasks during the operation. It also means that the operation nurse does not have to assist, but can give the surgeon the instruments he/she requires without any disruption.
  • Why should you use Doxpal instead of the old metal retractors?
    Metal retractors have to have all their parts cleaned, washed, repackaged and resterilized before they can be used. Doxpal is single-use and should be thrown away with other single-use material and incinerated to produce carbon dioxide and water.

Please read Doxpal IFU for complete usage instructions >>

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