Acumed is a leader in developing innovative orthopaedic and medical solutions to improve patient care around the world.

Now headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon, Acumed is a multi-award-winning company that is dedicated to innovative and quality medical device solutions. Committed to the highest standards of manufacturing, Acumed is proud to produce over 90% of our implants in the U.S.A.

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Products from Acumed:

Swemac sells the following products in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Clicking on the product name will transfer you to Acumed's website for the latest product information.


  • Locking Clavicle Plate
    Offering the most advanced plating solutions available, Acumed’s Locking Clavicle Plates provide excellent fixation for acute fractures, malunions and nonunions of the clavicle.
  • PHP - Polarus Humeral Plate
    Acumed’s Polarus PHP Locking Proximal Humeral Plate is an advanced solution for repairing fractures of the proximal humerus. 


  • Radial Head Plate
    Acumed's Locking Radial Head Plate System provides an innovative "next-generation" method for treating fractures where the radial head is salvageable.
  • Anatomic Radial Head System
    Acumed’s Anatomic Radial Head System provides a comprehensive solution for radial head replacement.

Screw And Pin

  • Tension Band Pin
    Provides low-profile, secure fixation for patella, olecranon and malleolar fractures without K-wire irritation or migration.
  • Acutrak Family
    The innovative design simplifies surgical procedures, reduces complications and improves patient outcomes.
  • Acutrak II Family
    Acumed’s Acutrak 2 Headless Compression Screw System combines a superior implant with innovative instrumentation that simplifies surgical technique.

Lower Extremity

  • Locking forefoot/midfoot Plates
    Acumed’s Locking Forefoot/Midfoot Plating System addresses both reconstruction and acute fractures of the foot and ankle.
  • Fibula Rod
    Acumed’s Fibula Rod System is the number one answer to unstable ankle fractures.


  • Arc Wrist Tower
    Designed by William B. Geissler, M.D., the Arc Wrist Tower provides stable traction with virtually unrestricted access to the wrist during arthroscopic and fracture reduction procedures.
  • Acumed's small Joint Reamer System
    Acumed Small Joint Reamer System provides an innovative solution for creating highly stable, congruent bone surfaces in the MTP, MCP, IP and DIP joints prior to fusion procedures with Acumed’s plates, Acutrak screws or other methods of fixation.
  • Bone Graft
    Acumed's Bone Graft System is a compact, easy to use solution for removing morsellized bone graft from the iliac crest and other appropriate areas — though a small incision site with minimal morbidity.

Hand & Wrist

  • Aculoc Wrist Plating System
    To address the complications of wrist fractures, Acumed’s Acu-Loc Wrist Plating System offers four titanium plate families to solve complex radius and ulna fractures.
  • Hub Cap - Modular Hand System
    Acumed’s Modular Hand System offers innovative solutions and straightforward techniques, from the carpals to the phalanges.
  • Acumed’s Ulnar Shortening Plate
    Acumed’s Ulnar Shortening Plate offers a locking low-profile plate with built-in osteotomy reference lines.

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