Swemac and Swemac Osmedic offer a wide selection of products for paediatric orthopaedic use, mainly from our partner Orthofix.

Allowing kids to be kids is what makes Orthofix products designed for paediatric care so remarkable. Innovative designs and fresh technology allow boys and girls to enjoy the activities of childhood, even in the process of healing.
Orthofix mini fixators and limb deformity correction devices are made specifically to protect, restore and heal children born with congenital defects and for children who are injured.

Correction Through Guided Growth Using the Orthofix Guided Growth System

The Orthofix Guided Growth System or 'guided growth plate' is a unique, figure-eight shaped device about the size of a paper clip that allows gradual correction of a patient's limb deformity.

Paediatric orthopaedic products include

Other products

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