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Orthofix offers innovative and minimally invasive solutions for surgeons to help improve the quality of life of our patients. Orthofix orthopedic products are designed to address the lifelong bone-and-joint health needs of patients of all ages, helping them achieve a more active and mobile lifestyle. The well-rounded product lines offer comprehensive solutions within both the limb reconstruction and trauma specialties.

The Orthofix orthopedic trauma products offer a simple product application and high performance in trauma settings. The Orthofix method for fracture reduction protects and preserves proper anatomy and limb alignment, allowing patients to function naturally and weightbear at the fracture site very early in the healing cycle as clinical tolerated and indicated. Orthofix provides a wide range of solutions for specific anatomical areas taking into account each surgeons’ needs.

The Orthofix limb reconstruction products restore normal anatomy for patients with a physical deformity, present at birth or formed after injury, as well as for patients needing limb lengthening. Many of our limb reconstruction products can be used in paediatrics. We introduced a reconstruction plate to correct angular deformities in children, such as bowed legs and knock knees.

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